Welcome to our IV Wellness Lounge! Our cozy, chic lounge is the perfect spot to relax and recharge.  With a our comfy chairs, collection of delicious teas, sparkling waters and wide selection of IV treatments, you'll find everything you need to feel refreshed and revitalized.  Come join us by the fire and see why we are the hottest IV spot around.  Bring a friend if you like and don't forget to snap a keepsake photo with our retro polaroid!

IV Wellness cocktails are a relatively new trend in Health and Wellness, involving a mixture of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients being administered intravenously.  This treatment is believed to provide a variety of benefits including improved energy, better sleep and improved immune system function.  It also helps improve skin health and reduce the effects of aging. IV wellness has become increasingly popular as a way to improve overall health and wellbeing.

Several To Choose From:


This classic forms the base of all our cocktails but can be enjoyed on it's own.  Used since this 1970s this client favourite contains magnesium, calcium, B vitamins and vitamin C

THE AQUA-POCALYPSE! - For Hangover & Hydration

You might have woken up feeling like the end is near but this tsunami blend of electrolytes and fluid will get you on your feet again after a big night out or Better Yet - consider hydrating BEFORE you celebrate.  Contains a blend of vitamins, multi-trace 5 and amino acids.  A Great all round pick me up!


GLOW AHEAD - MAKE MY DAY - For Beauty Wellness Anti Aging and Healthy Skin

Hydrate and improve elasticity, promote collagen, reduce the appearance of aging and feel energized! Contains a blend of vitamins and glutathione. 


CUT & CURVES - For Weight Support

The perfect blend of electrolytes and amino acids to improve metabolism, promote weight loss / target fatty deposits.

BODY BOOSTER - For Athletic Recovery

A post work out or pre work out boost to promote muscle growth and recovery.  This blend  helps turn fat into energy and reduces the accumulation of lactic acid.